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The gyro-stabilized FLIR M500 cooled thermal camera is our most technologically-advanced M-Series pan and tilt camera ever. Designed around a cryogenically-cooled 640 x 512 pixel Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal sensor, the FLIR M500 excels at both short and ultra-long range target detection and identification. It features a 14X continuous optical thermal zoom, a color HD camera with 30x zoom, an LED spot-beam, video tracking and radar integration.

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  • Superior Short and Long Range Vision

    Cooled thermal core technology and continuous optical zoom enables early detection of vessels, navigation aids, and key landmarks.

  • Exceptional Target Awareness

    Automatic video tracking keeps the M500 locked onto visual targets, while radar integration directs it to track select radar targets.

  • Enhanced Clarity

    The 14× optical thermal zoom can detect the heat signature of vessels up to ~8.3 nm / 15.4 km away.

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TCP/IP, RS-422, NMEA 0183, Pelco D
Pan/Tilt Range
360° pan and +/-90° tilt capability
Sharpness Enhancement
Automatic, adjustable Digital Detail Enhancement
10.75" (273 mm) dia. x 15.65" (397.5 mm) ht
45 lb (20.4 kg)
Connections & Communications
TCP/IP, RS-422, Pelco D
Output Modes
Black hot, white hot, false color palettes
Video Over Ethernet
2 channels of streaming MPEG-4, H.264, or M-JPEG
Operating Temperature
-25°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature
-50°C to +80°C
Imaging & Optical
Contrast Enhancement
AGC or manual, histogram equalization, local contrast enhancement algorithms available
Field of View Limits
Optical 28° x 21° WFOV to 2° x 1.5° NFOV
Integrated graphics overlays to indicate azimuth, AGC, active camera and menu control
Spectral Response
3-5 µm
Thermal Resolution
640 x 512
Video Format
NTSC or PAL NTSC or PAL, 720p30, 1080p30
Video Interface
Analog video, HD-SDI
Visible Sensor
1/2.8" CMOS
Power Consumption
250 W (max w/heaters)
Power Requirements
12 VDC to 24 VDC (-10%+30% per IEC 60945)
Range Performance
Person in the Water
~4.9 nm (9.0 km)
Small Vessel
~8.3 nm (15.4 km)
Thermal Imaging
Detector Type - Thermal
Cooled MWIR InSb 640x512 Focal Plane Array
E-Zoom - Thermal
Field of View - Thermal
28° x 21° WFOV to 2° x 1.5° NFOV
<30 mK
Optical Zoom - Thermal
1x to 14x (continuous)
Video Refresh Rate - Thermal
25 Hz (PAL) / 30 Hz (NTSC)
Visible Camera
E-Zoom - Color
Field of View Limits - Color
Optical 63.7° x 35.8° WFOV to 2.3° x 1.29° NFOV
1920 x 1080
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Export Restrictions

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