FLIR Infrared Training Center (ITC) Australia and New Zealand

The Infrared Training Center (ITC) offers the world's leading infrared training and thermographer certification programs.

ITC holds training courses in nearly 50 countries and in more than 20 native languages featuring our trademark hands-on laboratories and practical exercises in infrared science and its applications.

The Infrared Training Center is the perfect place to get high-quality interactive thermography training from the highest-qualified international thermography instructors. ITC offers training, certification, and recertification in all aspects of infrared thermography use—from ITC thermography certification courses levels I–III and DIN EN ISO 9712 TT certification to specialized instruction in building diagnostics, electrical and industrial inspection, roofing, optical gas imaging, industrial automation, and other areas.

Online courses are available in multiple languages.

ITC is ISO 9001 certified.

Course Schedule

Date Training Type Location  
November 24, 2021 Half-Day Basic Training Sydney

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December 1, 2021 Half-Day Basic Training Brisbane

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December 8, 2021 Half-Day Basic Training Melbourne

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December 10, 2021 Half-Day Basic Training Perth

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Course Locations


FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd
G1, 9 Miles Street, Mulgrave VIC 3170, Australia


Welshpool Business Enterprise Centre
33-37 Murray Road South
Welshpool, WA 6106


The Hills Lodge Hotel & Spa
1 Salisbury Road
Castle Hill, NSW 2154


The Build & Design Centre
66 Merivale Street
South Brisbane, QLD 4101

New Zealand

Science Directions
New Zealand

Course Description

ITC offers Category I, Category II and Category III courses; advanced application courses and web-based learning, as well as custom solutions and on-site services.

Course Instruction

ITC instructors are the most knowledgeable trainers and thermographers in the business holding expert ASNT, EPRI, EN, BINDT and ISO qualifications who will contribute to your success with infrared technology.


A certificate is written testimony of demonstrated competence by successfully fulfilling conditions and procedures showing compliance with certification requirements. ITC courses prepare the candidate for a certification exam in compliance to national and/or international standards.


Products and services of the ITC are in compliance with ISO 17024 and ISO 18436*. Courses in North America meet or exceed ASNT SNT-TC-1A guidelines and are accredited by NETA. Our quality management system for training, education and certification of professional users of thermal infrared sensors and systems is certified ISO 9001**.

In Australia, the University of Melbourne is an Accredited Qualifying Body (AQB) for the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT).