Ensuring the Health of Your Equipment

Condition Monitoring with FLIR Thermal and Acoustic Imaging Solutions

Condition monitoring is about more than maintaining equipment: it's a critical task that can ensure power keeps flowing, machines keep working, equipment lasts longer, and companies avoid breakdowns.

Every minute machines are stopped costs thousands of dollars.


developing a successful condition monitoring program with the right tools saves money
  • Extend the life of machines, motors, and systems
  • Reduce energy expenses
  • Reduce the time needed for maintenance
  • Optimize maintenance programs
  • Improve asset management decisions
  • Avoid unplanned outages and unexpected downtime

Check out this representation of a factory floor with locations where facilities maintenance engineers can effectively perform condition monitoring using FLIR thermal, acoustic, and Test & Measurement products.

Cond-Monitoring-cost-per-horsepower-1600px.jpgPredict the optimal time to perform maintenance

There are lots of ways to decide when to perform equipment maintenance:

  • Let the equipment run until it fails
  • Schedule regular repairs regardless of condition
  • Monitor equipment to track loss of performance

Or—get proactive. Build a cost-effective condition monitoring program to investigate the root causes of equipment failure. This can include:

  • Routine thermal inspections of electrical and mechanical equipment to discover failing wires, fuses, belts, and motors before they cause shutdowns
  • Acoustic inspections on air compressors, vacuum systems, or industrial gas systems to discover leaks that could raise energy costs
  • Continuous monitoring of equipment for early signs of misalignment, wear, and tear

By regularly collecting this data, your team can easily pinpoint the optimal time for maintenance and even improve equipment, so failures don't happen again.



FLIR offers a range of handheld and fixed monitoring tools as well as inspection software—all designed to make condition monitoring more efficient and help companies maximize their uptime.


Handheld thermal cameras     Fixed thermal cameras   Test and Measurement tools 



Continuous monitoring with fixed thermal monitoring cameras can be an easy way to integrate condition monitoring into your application. Learn more


Thermal Studio Laptop.png

Streamline Inspections, Organize Data, and Manage Condition Monitoring Activites Across Maintenance Teams

Whether you're working with a handheld thermal imaging camera, acoustic imaging camera, or optical gas imaging (OGI) camera, the best solution for organizing and managing condition monitoring programs is FLIR Thermal Studio Suite. This subscription software offers the organizational features and advanced processing needed for predictive maintenance on critical components, system troubleshooting, and increased productivity.

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro is a desktop software offering batch image processing, advanced image analysis, and access to FLIR Route Creator: a feature that lets users create their own inspection map and download it to a FLIR camera with Inspection Route enabled.

When paired with the FLIR IgniteTM cloud service for direct image back up, FLIR Thermal Studio software ensures accurate data collection that helps predictive maintenance crews spot problems before they cause critical failures.

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