Essential Vision for Total Awareness

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Thermal and Infrared Solutions

Help mission crews remain undetected at safe standoff distances by air, land, and sea with the world’s leading thermal and infrared solutions. FLIR provides essential vision beyond natural limitations for homeland security, combat, patrol, surveillance, reconnaissance, and search and rescue operations.

Being able to see well in highly lit and totally dark environments is key to mission success. EO/IR systems with long-range performance and image stabilization are mission-critical, enabling professionals in their missions to save lives and livelihoods.

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Give operators precise targeting, superior image stabilization and ultra-long range imaging performance to detect, target, and eliminate threats. Select the solution that best fits your mission needs, from laser payloads that determine detection range to digital image blending to intelligent, automated operation.

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Star SAFIRE® 380-HDc

SWaP-C Single LRU HD EO/IR Imaging

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Identify and track smugglers, terrorists, or any other threat – day and night, and in the toughest terrain– with world-class radars, thermal sights, and multi-spectral surveillance systems from FLIR. Achieve total awareness in complete darkness and through a multitude of conditions, and for any situation whether military, law enforcement or search and rescue.

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ThermoSight® V4000

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Zoom and track maritime targets with multi-spectral, innovative sensor technology in systems designed for 24/7/365 duty in the most arduous marine environments. As a global leader in maritime surveillance systems, FLIR is always on watch with you.