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Boson Development Board (250-0705-00)

A breakout board is available for Boson users and integrators that need easy access to the Boson I/O and interfaces. This board is designed for development purposes, and is not intended or rated for long-term reliability over temperature. Improvements from the original breakout board (SKU 250-0593-00) include exposing the data_valid signal for CMOS video, selection for the power input while using USB (USB or externally supplied power through banana plug), and external sync input/output.

Neutrino LC Camera Link Accessory

The Camera Link accessory converts CMOS video signal into a Camera-Link-compliant output via SDR-26 receptacle. Communication and power are provided via a standard USB-3 micro-B.

Neutrino LC Development Kit

Provides all output options on a single PCB and easy access to the full 80-pin camera interface for development. Includes a flex cable between the board and the camera and a wire harness to the cooler interface.

Neutrino LC USB VPC Kit

The USB Video Power Connector (VPC) kit turns the Neutrino LC camera into a webcam. Power, digital video, and comm are all via USB2. The kit includes a USB-A to USB-C cable.

Neutrino LC USB/Analog VPC Kit

The USB VPC kit with an additional custom 6-foot cable with a BNC pigtail provides an additional analog video signal (NTSC-compliant).

Neutrino LC Utility Kit

Provides all output options on a single PCB. Includes a wire harness to the cooler interface. The accessory board converts video signal into a Camera-Link-compliant output via a SDR-26 receptacle.

Neutrino SX8 Accessory Board

The Utility Kit provides Camera link and HDMI video output to a single development electronics board. The kit includes a wire harness for camera and cooler power. Communication and power to the Neutrino SX8 camera electronics is provided via a USB driver to a virtual COM port. External sync input/output signals are provided with standard MCX connectors. A header connector is provided for RS-422 lens control.

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