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Object Detection and Tracking Software Libraries

Prism™ AI

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Prism AI is a collection of software libraries that enable classification, object detection, and object tracking operating on low-power embedded processors from Qualcomm and NVIDIA. The Teledyne FLIR perception software and powerful, efficient embedded processors enable developers to bring decision support and computational imaging to the edge.

Compatible with Teledyne FLIR market-leading thermal modules, including Boson®, Tau® 2, Hadron™ 640R, and Neutrino®, Prism AI provides high-performance models trained on the world’s largest application-specific thermal image datasets. Perception software models are available for automotive, ground ISR, air-to-ground, and counter-drone applications.

  • Straightforward integration onto system processor

    Software delivers high performance and lowers investment for integrating thermal-camera-perception capability

  • Leverage perception ecosystem to shorten time to market

    Suite of development tools provides a cost-effective framework for object detection software from systems with thermal and visible video inputs.

  • Built for developers with the Teledyne FLIR brand promise

    Trusted global leader in thermal infrared sensing and solutions

Introducing Prism AI

MTI & Object Detection


Fine Grained Classifier

Object Detection Air-to-Ground

Object Detection Air-to-Ground

Automotive Autonomy & AEB


Integrating Teledyne FLIR thermal camera modules is now easier with our library of how-to-videos, application notes, and our comprehensive support center with product drawings, datasheets, and more!

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With industry-leading reliability, performance, size, weight, and power, they are ideal for defense, commercial, and security applications.

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The end-to-end computational imaging ecosystem that supports various AI-powered object detection and tracking capabilities and advanced image processing.

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Camera Model Selector

Sorting through more than 100+ models can be tricky. Try our "Camera Model Selector" to find the right solution.

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Software Features
Camera Interface
16b monochrome for LWIR/MWIR, 24b RGB/BGR for visible
Fine Grained Classification (AI)
Progressive classification discrimination based pixels on target (ex. Vehicle -> Small Truck -> F150)
Moving Target Indicator (MTI)
Detection of small moving targets from stationary or non-stationary video
Multi-Object Tracker
Lightweight, signal-processing based tracker reduces false positives and maintains target lock between frames in the absence of detections. Image-plane and ground-plane configurations available. (thermal and EO)
Object Detector (CNN)
40+ detection classes including: vehicles, humans, animals, boats, signs, Pre-trained DNN models for: ground ISR, air-to-ground applications, counter UAS and automotive. Other models on request. (thermal and EO)
Single Object Tracker
Auto tracking of user selcted moving or fixed target
Support Contract
Support with software integration and optimization on client hardware (on demand)
Supported Hardware
Qualcomm: Snapdragon 8 gen 1 (RB5/QRB5165) & Snapdragon 8 gen 2 (QCS8550); NVIDIA: Jetson Xavier & Jetson Orin; Other Qualcomm and NVIDA HW on request
Synthetic Data Generation
Synthetic object and scene generation for rare or classified classes/backgrounds (on demand)
Media gallery
Deploying AI Object Detection, Target Tracking, and Computational Imaging on Embedded Processors
FLIR AVP Launch - The AI Advanced Video Processor for Enhanced Thermal Imaging | SPIE DCS 2024
Maximize Perception with Prism ISP and AI Tools for Enhanced Thermal Imaging | SPIE DCS 2024
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Export Restrictions

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Prism™ AI