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FLIR Thermal Studio

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FLIR Thermal Studio reporting software is designed to help you manage your thermal images and videos in a simple, efficient way. This entry-level software allows you to quickly import, edit, and analyze images before outputting them in professional inspection reports. It’s an effective way to show clients or decision-makers any existing faults or potential problems you discovered during a thermal inspection and get the "go-ahead" to begin on repairs. FLIR Thermal Studio is available as a 12-month subscription.

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  • Simple and convenient

    Delivers the essential functionality in more than 20 languages so you can fully use your FLIR thermal camera

  • Let your images tell the story

    Optimize images with smart settings (color, level/span, MSX alignment), adjust measurement parameters, and perform simple image analysis

  • Easily communicate results

    Generate reports quickly—more than 100 pages in less than a minute—based on custom templates

FLIR Thermal Studio