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Model: FLIR ONE Pro LT iOS
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FLIR ONE Pro LT has the power to find hidden problems faster than ever. With the enhanced resolution of FLIR VividIR™, added perspective of FLIR MSX®, and the convenience of the OneFit™ adjustable connector, FLIR ONE Pro LT works as hard as you do. Whether you're a professional or just focused on DIY projects, the FLIR ONE Pro LT has the powerful features you need at an affordable price.

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  • VividIR™ Image Processing

    Unique image-enhancement technology that sharpens thermals to help you catch potential problems early and reliably diagnose problems.

  • FLIR OneFit™ Connector

    Adjustable connector extends by up to 4 mm, so you can secure your FLIR ONE Pro LT to your mobile device while its still in the protective case.

  • Hard-Working App

    Work-based features such as multiple spot meters, level/span controls, and reporting through the FLIR Tools Mobile App support more professional problem solving and functionality.

Professional-level camera that's worksite tough

Professional-level camera that's worksite tough

Built to take the abuse that working on a jobsite dishes out every day, FLIR ONE Pro LT is rated to take a drop from 1.8 meters and tough enough for any environment.

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Dimensions (H x W x D)
68 × 34 × 14 mm (2.7 × 1.3 × 0.6 in)
Non-Operating Temperature
-20°C — 60°C (-4°F — 140°F)
36.5 g
Compliance & Certifications
MFi (iOS version), RoHS, CE/FCC, CEC-BC, EN61233
Connections & Communications
Female USB-C (5V/1A)
Male Lightning
Emissivity Settings
Matte: 95%, Semi-Matte: 80%, Semi-Glossy: 60%, Glossy: 30%
Operating Temperature
0°C — 35°C (32°F — 95°F) , battery charging 0°C — 30°C (32°F — 86°F)
Imaging & Optical
Fixed 15 cm — Infinity
Frame Rate
8.7 Hz
General Description
Thermal and Visual Cameras with MSX
50° ±1° / 38° ±1°
Gray (white hot), Hottest, Coldest, Iron, Contrast, Arctic, Lava and Color Wheel
Thermal Resolution
80 × 60
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD
100 mK
Thermal Sensor
Pixel size 17 µm, 8 — 14 µm spectral range
Video and Still Image Display/Capture
Saved as 1440 × 1080
Visual Resolution
1440 × 1080
Measurement & Analysis
±3°C or ±5%, typical Percent of the difference between ambient and scene temperature. Applicable 60 sec after start-up when the unit is within 15°C — 35°C and the scene is within 5°C — 120°C.
Spot Meter
Hottest, Coldest and 3 spot measurement
Adjustable MSX distance
0.3 m — Infinity
Battery charge monitor
0 — 100%
Capture modes
Video, Still image
Battery charge time
40 min
Battery life
Approximately 1 hr
Storage Media
File Formats
Radiometric JPG, MPEG-4 (file format MOV)
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